[spam] [spam] [spam] How to plan to subvert communication barriers

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu May 6 04:46:39 PDT 2021

IP:  I'm just a hacker!  I don't have a military bunker for foreign agents
to hide in!

TVD:  You bust firewalls covertly as an offhand thing and you expect me to
believe you had no way to prevent this?

IP:  I barely know what's going on here!  I'm don't bust firewalls for a
living, I just write computer code.

TVD:  Seriously?  I came all the way out here for this?

IP:  Firewalls are easy to bust for people experienced with computer code.
Teenagers do it, all the time.

TVD:  Huh.

TVD leaves the bathroom.  IP is shaken up.

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