[spam] [spam] [spam] How to plan to subvert communication barriers

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu May 6 03:47:41 PDT 2021

IP is hiding in the bathroom, shaking in a closed stall.  Sometimes they

TV Doppelganger comes into the bathroom and walks by a crack in the

IP:  Stop following me!

TV Doppelganger:  Look.  It's all great and all that you're a little sad
your friend died.  But this is serious.

TV Doppelganger quickly cuts the lock on the bathroom stall and enters, and
looks IP straight in the eye.

TV Doppelganger:  If you ever try something like that again, you need to
work with us, do you understand?  We can protect you.  Why didn't you give
your first contact a way to stay safe?
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