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Thu May 6 05:07:26 PDT 2021

Back at the table ...

IP2:  So you didn't die?

TVD:  No, IP is just a little paranoid.  Let me tell you about this time I
got drunk at has apartment ... he has this ridiculous granite bust there ...

IP comes back from the bathroom slowly, and sits down at the table, tense.

TVD:  So, how would you guys feel if some country was just letting you kick
it around like a paper bag?

IP2 began covertly recording on a device in their pocket.

TVD:  Wouldn't you feel frustrated that they didn't defend themselves
better?  What kind of politics and cultures would you force them to hold?

IP2:  Oh you mean like badly-abused-third-world-nation?

IP:  It sounds sad.  I would be kind and protective of such a country.

TVD:  I don't mean badly-abused-third-world-nation.  I mean _your_

IP:  You're trying to brainwash us!  I can recognise it now!

TVD stared at IP like they were a clown on a unicycle in the middle of a
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