Assange's Case

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Thu Aug 12 14:09:20 PDT 2021

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zeynepaydogan <zeynepaydogan at> wrote:

> Then what are they doing here? 

	That's a good question and I don't have a good definitive answer. Maybe this list has become some kind of training ground. 

>If they're making US propaganda, why are they here? Are they trying to drive a few people who read the e-mails on the list crazy? This is a big waste of time for them

	Yes, it apparently is a waste of time. But let's pretend that the grarpamp trump fanatic is a 'bona fide' trump fanatic (if there's such a thing). Why would a trump fanatic bother spamming a list read by 10 people? Even if I don't call him a government agent, his actions make little sense. 

> And some people are always targeting some of them, which is very disturbing
> I believe that cypherpunks defend a country-less society.
> If anyone isn't like this, please leave this list
> "Castigat ridendo mores"

	Hehe. Well I've been ridiculing them for a while - the ridicule doesn't seem to have much effect =P

	Look at this post from a guy who pretends to be a 'high ranking cypherpunk'
	"Many of the problems of police enforcement, especially unwarranted violence, cannot be solved until the human officers are replaced by androids." 	

	and look at the reply he got from a sane guy, who shortly left the list after that post.

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