communicating with police officers, narratives, discrimination

таракан cryptoanalyzers at
Mon Jul 27 13:23:38 PDT 2020

> > Many of the problems of police enforcement, especially unwarranted
> > violence, cannot be solved until the human officers are replaced by
> > androids.

There is not much difference between a US cop and an android now... same zombie, fanatic

I guess... yeah... with police robots will be much better indeed :-)
This will solve all issue. Why not also giving them power to make the law like the Judge Dreed character in the US comics ?

Or that robocop alternative, 'Cain' aka "you've got fifty seconds to comply"

Seriously I wonder why this list is for cypherpunks...
People here want robot-cops, praise pro-cops protesters, praise techno-control etc...

I'm sorry my understanding of life is ... leave me alone, let me live as I want and don't control me.

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