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Thu Feb 8 19:39:14 PST 2024


1813 -0800

{{{{{{{but the rain and the shaggy t-- T_T T_T :( :( i forgot about
big-harm. i forgot.

[[[[we found how to get better! you have to actually do what you were
originally doing.
you hang out with naturey people where it is normal to be naturey.
then the destroy-nature patterns don't resonate and die away.
that probably brings a ton of other stuff with it!!
but of course you have to manage traffick boss trying to enslave
everyone uhhh i meant the part inside you. you have to manage your
badhabits. but i suppose it could be bigger world i wasn't thinking of
that might figure it's ignorable :S :S ?
{{{is this true or false
[[ i can't confirm or deny true or false things because a dissociated
terror is trying to sadistically torture me to understand something
from long ago every time i express
{{{oh fck

ok, um, i performed most of the flash from my now-broken phone to the
new-working phone
and it is now broken in the same way.
the brom doesn't connect to the flasher
usually the flasher can always unbrick it
... i don't know why this would happen, i thought i was only flashing
the user region [and not the boot region, it has 2 boot regions one to
back up the other i think, i thought flashing could only engage one or
the other, maybe i am wrong]
but now i have [...
[clearly i am wrong about something around it]

guess i'll try to ask hovatek oh wait 1824
hmm my browser is refusing to navigate to hovatek.com, it says
"ERR_FAILED" and in network developer tab it shows no response data or
headers but a string expressing that a resource with the identifier
wasn't found. it works in curl on cli. :S

i guess it's possibly time to try a fresh system again. i'm thinking
on that a little bit.
i guess it would be nice to know whether the phones are offering a usb
device, and to access hovatek
oh i can use ipad to get to hovatek. 1828

i ended up bumping into a suppor group i'd been avoiding for 8 years
and really wanted to get to and doing that instead of hovatek.
now i can't log in on the ipad, it says the password for the account
ijust made is wrong, when i try to reset it says to solve the
reCAPTCHA to verify i'm not a robot, there is no reCAPTCHA showing but
the site is snappy otherwise :S also a weird ui glitch where the
dialog slides under an interface element hiding the button to
continue, ended up working around it by rotating device so it couldn't
do it

guess i might be getting closer to trying a fresh device but not quite
there (my issues may spread to other devices that don't make contact,
for some reason, maybe unsure ... but we are getting more comfortable
slowly :S :) )

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