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Thu Feb 8 18:13:18 PST 2024

{i am pretty confusde after what i just said! different confusion from
prior to it.


little bits fly around everywhere in patterns that look as if they were chaotic
{{!! 1735

so, i'm focusing on getting a phone running again this time, with some
i just flashed [o--

uh anyway


so! how might we design a tiny recursive log cabin?

ok i guess the walls would need to be reassembleable

i just flashed my phone backup ohhhhh i must have flashed a new image
rather than my data? 1740

traffick boss grimaces and again jumps down a little like batman might
from a slightly higher surface to a slightly lower
he bares his teeth and looks left and right, a little bit
he sits and puts a bunny on his head

traffick boss: "bunny, what are the secrets of the world?"
bunny: [munches on wildflower leaves]
traffick boss waits
bunny: [finishes munching]
bunny: "long long long long ago there was a giant bunny --
oops um
some of us were thinking the bunny should be more scared if it's alive
i think bunnies are happy when they act scared around other creatures
could be wrong unsure
oh! i can think about that
when something is about to kill you it's really important to have
about 80% fearterror
so that you do the best thing possible.
this ratio changes from moment to moment to protect your ability to do
the best thing possible
when something [fucks?] with you so you can't do this, it's very very bad

traffick boss plays with legos
or something

traffick boss does math while deoxygenated

math quiz: "traffick boss, what is the number after 1?"
traffick boss: "stupid quiz. it's 2."
math quiz: "great job, traffick boss!!!!"
traffick boss grins

math quiz: "tr--
traffick boss: "I like that i won the fight we just had, let's not be
hasty now."

math qu--

fidgeting traffick boss

traffick boss has been shoved into a tiny[-ass?] powersuit that he
doesn't fit into
he's all jammed in there
he fidgets with his hands with little objects
he moves one object in a [pattern with anoth



how many numbers does it take to fill oops
how many squeegees
how many books in a library? depends on the library :S umm quantity

def counting_python_function(thingies):
  count = 0
  for thingy in thingies:
      count += counting_python_function(thingy)
      count += 1
  return count

def counting_python_function_2(thingies, predicate):
  count = 0
  for thingy in thingies:
    if predicate(thingy):
      count += 1
  return count

def counting_python_function_2_elided(thingies, predicate):
  return sum([predicate(thingy) for thingy in thingies])
  # i wasn't sure if it would work but i tried it in console and it did

def counting_python_function_3(thingies, predicate):
  # can you do predicate recursively? with or without elision
  count = 0
  for thingy in thingies: # we could elide if we use boolean-check-for-iterable

is fun to use predicate :) i had [lot--

predicate inhibition :/ kinda

{{ok i know i shouldn't say i'm in oregon b--
pho[n. is 54.9% flashed with this trial image.
it can be tested faster if we flash only the system partition for example.
<i think we made a script for engaging subpartitions already :s



we made a super[-area where everything is euphoric [but there are pits
of fire and brimsto--

uhh other ways of mixing heaven and hell
like, angels and demons chatting? this is a big thing i think, angels
and demons hanging out. big thing! you didn't know yet? you'll find
[uhhhhhhhhhhhh we should have at least a square brace somewhere there
:S i was slow. maybe also a [mistake?

anyway by angels and demons we mean like communicatoin across great disparity :D
this is one of the things that [h
[ [] [] ohhhh is that why???? you mean --
wait ummmmm
this is pretty hard to think about! i don't understand it well

if we understand how it works can we _please_ make our mind work superwell.
<i don't think that happens immed--

now what were you sayting here?
something about at the end of the world, "angels" and "demons"
interact much more directly? and maybe angel and demon could mean
people in very disparate cultures or social classes or etc?
<inhibition acting more and more
[that's the utopia side. the domination side separates everyone. i think!
either that or --
<i think it's that humanity isn't ready to adapt this fast and has
really naive models that are really useful when things aren't changing
faster and faster which they start doing.
so in order to form effective life-patterns we need to engage the
existing patterns in ways that include the consciousnesses, which
[yanks them around and leaves everything all [bounded in funny ways
<since concepts are so new to everyone [i could be {wrong?
{i don't understand why w< it's because um whoops it's because of (i'll try to):
- 1. people all want to keep doing things that make sense to them
- 2. they start doing things they don't understand the impact of more
and more, which produces unexpected situations
- 3. the unexpected situations pile up in newer and newer ways which
people try to respond to at their own pace
- 4. so, we have all this queue of unhandled stuff that people haven't
learned th--

>uh we're just gonna send atm

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