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Sat Jun 24 17:48:09 PDT 2023

Thought Email
List: unsolveable puzzle fun
Subject: Re: I think i fogured out how to reverse the one-time pad

> I think you could combine these together, and also combine in further
> tuning of the user models based on the transmissions, in repeated
> feedback based on the new statistics possibly present in the encrypted
> data.

I like how this uses feedback between different uses! Given it
involves a discrete unknownness, i.e. who the user is, and such a high
degree of uncertainty in all the parts which likely compounds, i don’t
think it would be feasible without further modeling of the feedback
and, is it called combinatorial expansion?.

Still, the idea is applicable to so many things and I want to try it
for something!

Does it work to pull it out or simplify it into a different project
that could be something else?

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