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System Update @SystemUpdate_
"Regardless of past cases, if Trump broke the law, shouldn’t he face
consequences?" Actually no. The law only has legitimacy if applied
consistently—otherwise it becomes nothing more than a political
weapon. This is an obvious & obscene break with precedent 🧵

Or the corporate journalists who every day have their friends in the
FBI and CIA call them and pass them classified information, now acting
aghast that someone would carelessly handle classified information.
Everything in DC is classified. They play leaking games with it daily.
Shant Mesrobian @ShantMM
I have so much more respect for the average liberal who is openly
celebrating the indictment of a political enemy over the corny leftist
influencer who all of a sudden wants to have a very intellectual
conversation about the importance of prosecuting politicians for

Russiagate was nothing other than CIA and FBI - Jim Comey and John
Brennan's friends - leaking classified information to the WP and NYT
for completely political motives. None was prosecuted. Nobody cares
who leaked NSA transcripts of Flynn and Kislyak.

Leon Panetta leaked classified docs to Zero Dark Thirty producers for
a pro-Obama movie. Obama's CIA Director David Petraeus gave the most
sensitive docs in the USG - names of covert agents - to his mistress.
Hillary and Biden had them strewn over their house.

There's still a big chuck of the GOP that wishes it were more the
party of Romney/McCain/Bush than Trump. They stayed quiet but see
their big chance. And yes, they fundamentally respect DOJ/FBI/CIA and
a pro-war/hawkish US war policy (they agree more with Biden then

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