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Sat Jun 10 02:27:35 PDT 2023

Trump Indictment: One of many Internet theories in evidence, summary...

"I'm going after the Deep State! -- Trump, 2016 Announcement
"I want the killing to stop!  -- Trump, re: Ukraine, during the war"

Trump kept the "secret war risks docs" to expose the Deep State
Pol-MICs for suggesting that he go to war, as an "I told you so" or a
"Stop war" especially if they did so in the future (Ukraine, Iran, etc?),
thus exculpating himself and his no war order with docs he wouldn't be
able to get after his term... at least not for a minor war hawks operation
gone minorly wrong... as the prior hero for ordering no war, and thus forever
damning the Deep State Military Industrial Complex Democrats and
War Hawks in the process for not following the Govt's own various internal
risks assessments and getting countless people perhaps untold millions
killed. Trump was going to expose high crime, and committed no crime.
The DOJ FBI and Deep State CIA Media Leak-Fake-News Regime
literally exposed their own corruption and that of the War Hawks in the
indictment pg 15~16. Seemingly they brought the war suggestion, then
fake-contexted twisted-news'd his possible "might order an attack"
comment in the general convo discussion question of it, as retribution
for his ultimately shutting them down by ordering it not to occur. His
recorded convo context would show the "perfect call" of that time.

Biden crime family did commit high crimes, but the corrupt biased and
owned news media refused to cover Joe's corrupt criminal $5 Million bribe
shown in the whistleblower informant forms to protect his son from criminal
prosecution on corruption, failed to investigate Hunter selling Joe's docs
out of his rental house, failed to prosecute criminal election influence
conspiracies, donor influence fraud, 2020 street violence criminals, etc.

But they did release and cover Trump indictment the very next day
with more criminal conspiratorially coordinated undue election
influence, and typical story inflation.

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
The mere mention by Trump that he thought Hillary should be prosecuted
caused shrieks of indignation - fascism!! abuse of the justice
system!! - by the very same people who have spent the last year
cheering every Trump indictment by Dem prosecutors/Biden-DOJ and
demanding more:
Michael Tracey @mtracey
Everyone who was sentient from 2017-2021 knows if the Trump DOJ had
indicted Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Joe Biden for *any reason
at all* -- doesn't matter the details -- it would have been
wall-to-wall blaring that the country had disintegrated into
apocalyptic Fascism

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