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Sun Jun 11 15:00:21 PDT 2023

Trump did nothing wrong.

Nor is storing random papers of a corrupt govt a high criminal action.

Note the actual true guilt of action of the rest of the corrupt US system...
Accurate? Leaders who have their political opponents arrested.

Jack Smith's wife produced a Michelle Obama documentary and made
donations to Joe Biden.

ALX 🇺🇸 @alx
Never Forget that Hillary Clinton aides destroyed phones with hammers

KanekoaTheGreat @KanekoaTheGreat
10 wars, millions killed, 1 nobel peace prize, 0 indictments.

KanekoaTheGreat @KanekoaTheGreat
-Joe Biden kept classified documents in his garage.
-Hillary Clinton kept classified emails on her server.
-Bill Clinton kept classified recordings in his drawer.
Only Donald Trump was indicted

KanekoaTheGreat @KanekoaTheGreat
Sen. Ron Johnson discusses Joe Biden weaponizing the Justice
Department against his leading political opponent while the FBI
conceals the acceptance of a $10 million bribe by the Bidens from a
Ukrainian oligarch: "Hunter's business partner, who was also on the
board of Burisma,

Former DNI John Ratcliffe says the FBI/DOJ is not applying the law
evenly, as the clear-cut case of prosecuting Senator Joe Biden, who
had no valid legal excuse or justification for possessing classified
documents at his home, is being overlooked: "As a former federal…

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna calls for the impeachment of Joe Biden for
accepting a $10 million bribe from Ukraine and says the FBI can't be
trusted to do their job. Rep Nancy Mace accuses Joe Biden of
weaponizing the DOJ to impose a death sentence on Donald Trump for

The idea was to get a criminal case going against Trump, any case.
First, set up traps with NARA letters administratively. Then, Joe
Biden authorize special access to Trump's documents at NARA. Next, get
a search warrant from a magistrate judge in Florida who should have…
Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 @julie_kelly2
So it also appears that Smith is not charging Trump for possessing
alleged "classified documents" found in the 15 boxes Trump gave to
NARA in Jan 2022--which prompted NARAs criminal referral to DOJ and
justified the opening of FBIs criminal investigation in March 2022

KanekoaTheGreat @KanekoaTheGreat
May 2023: The Durham Report reveals the FBI and DOJ was politically
weaponized against Donald Trump. June 2023: The FBI and DOJ is once
again politically weaponized against Donald Trump. Why is Joe Biden
arresting his political opposition?

Rep. Jim Jordan says Joe Biden is interfering in the U.S. Presidential
election by censoring Robert F. Kennedy Jr and indicting Donald Trump:
"The White House is working to censor their primary election opponent.
Now, they are going to indict their general election opponent. All…

Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker says Biden and Garland
are eviscerating equal justice under the law: "The Biden
administration through their special counsel Jack Smith, who directly
reports to Merrick Garland is targeting their main political opponent.
He stood…

KanekoaTheGreat @KanekoaTheGreat
THREAD: Joe Biden was the architect of the 1994 Crime Bill that sent
millions of Americans to prison for doing what his son is doing right
here Smoking Crack. Why aren't the Bidens being prosecuted for the 459
fully documented crimes found on Hunter's laptop?

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
James Comey all but admitted Hillary committed felonies by mishandling
classified information: setting up a private server in her home. They
didn't prosecute her because - as Comey revealed - he hated Trump and
was desperate to see him lose. Now she thinks it's funny:
Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton
Bringing this back in light of recent news: Get a limited-edition But
Her Emails hat and support @onwardtogether groups working to
strengthen our democracy.…

Thomas Massie @RepThomasMassie
A sitting president arresting his political opponent is the ultimate
weaponization of government. Joe Biden’s administration has shamefully
crossed into waters charted only by banana republics.

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