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Thu Jun 1 13:05:34 PDT 2023

On 6/1/23, Undiscussed Groomed for Male Slavery, One Victim of Many
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> maybe given i’m near some eeg ideas, and also the idea of meditation,
> maybe holding this idea of two oberlapping parts each of which has
> triggers they respond to but also environments that comfort them, for
> each of their own parts and areas
> ,aybe holding this idea can help a little, form some comprehension of,
> say, how can we not stimulate problems here? how can we have
> experiences that heal us a little, safely?

my largest difficulties are past internal conflicts around my use of
intense willpower in a moment that was for some uncertain reason very

activities like simply standing up or developing personal notes

right now i’d really love to stand up. [i imagined resolving this at
the retreat i interviewed poorly for, interesting to think of, a
hypnotic component, also an obligatory component, and a significant
environmental component and the meditation]

writing it like that, i can somewhat 8magine copying the belief into a
space here, maybe engaging a lot of pensiveness and intentionality;
it’s more delicate but has the reliability that i can plan for some of
it much more

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