[crazy][spam][notes] microstrategies (micriopeace)

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Fri Feb 10 00:50:32 PST 2023

this is similar to two autonomous agents that are assuming the other
will act counter to their goals.

in such a situation, things can change significantly. and one can show
this clearly with logical structures. fighting is a+=B. but other
behaviors are b++. note that if one agent performs b++ at a time when
another agent wants a higher A, the other agent gets closer to their
goal with no energy or time expended at all on their part.

something of importance here wouod be establishing a simulation where
it is beneficial and interesting for the agents to work together.

if one want a high A and another wants a low A, it seems frightening
that the6 cannot reach a final agreement. however, it is notable that
there is shared utility in having B be a useful value that is large
enough to effectiveky reach Z from whereever A is p.

maybe a more useful situation is to have Z change in a pattern, where
the agents want Z to have different values on a time schedule that
does not conflict. [note: internally the reason graph holds
assumptions of conflict, which is harsh]

with the time schedule situation, one might imagine the agents
discovering conflict because they are pursuing different values, but
then after great difficulty needing to discover cooperation to meet
the values effectively.

i infer it’s not an ideal scenario. i’m thinking some of reason structures.

in the situation i imagined, i though i’d like for the reason
structures to be public. this helps learn about reasoning between

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