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After a decade plus of weak woke politicians foolishly accepting "migrants",
the obvious total incompatibility and predicted disastrous outcomes of it
all are now coming true, yet only a few have found the voice to say
"ban them and send them home" to fix their own country and problems.

Italy 2 - 0 France: Meloni Crushes Macron Amid Migrant Crisis

If anyone wants to see just how far that Martha's Vineyard "stunt"
initiated by Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis has gone, take a look at
what's going on in France and Italy:

According to the U.K. Express:

    A diplomatic row between France and Italy erupted last week when
Rome forced Macron's hand to accept a humanitarian rescue ship, the
Ocean Viking with 234 migrants aboard, after Italy had refused it a
port for weeks.

    The presidents of Italy and France sought to tamp down tensions
over migration Monday by asserting the need for “full cooperation” on
a host of issues and the importance of strong bilateral relations
after days of diplomatic barbs over the fate of migrants crossing the
Mediterranean. In response to Italy's demand France accepted migrants
from the Ocean Viking rescue ship, President Emmanuel Macron
retaliated by suspending its participation in an EU solidarity pact to
accept 3,000 relocated migrants this year from Italy and sent officers
to reinforce its southern border crossings and prevent migrants from

The nicey-nice talk is just that -- nicey-nice talk, and Italy's
president is largely a ceremonial one. What happened was a
full-fledged row.

It began as a migrant issue. What is going on in Europe is that
assorted European NGOs sail ships to pick up illegal migrants from
distant places like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Eritrea, and sub-Saharan
Africa, at sea, ensconced on human-smuggling racket ships departing
from Libya and serving as a kind of cartel taxi service, bringing the
illegal migrants into Italian ports, which are the closest to the
Libyan coast. Italy takes in tens of thousand of these illegal
migrants, which is proving profitable indeed for the human smugglers,
but costly to Italy, which must pay for their welfare and upkeep, as
well as tolerate the crime, the litter, the sexism, and the stone-age
sanitation practices, sometimes even tent cities.

The European Union has nominally vowed to share the migrant "wealth"
by distributing the unvetted illegal migrants throughout the Eurozone,
but many countries don't keep up their end of the bargain, leaving
Italy holding the migrant bag.

Italy put its foot down and dispatched one of the NGO migrant
taxi-service ships full of illegal migrants to the French port of
Toulon. Italy's newly elective conservative prime minister, Giorgia
Meloni, kept her campaign promises to Italians by effectively taking a
page from the gubernatorial decisions of Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis,
who dispatched a plane full of illegals recruited from their landing
pad in Texas over to the tony sanctuary-island Martha's Vineyard in
Massachusetts. Like Martha's Vineyard's wealthy hypocrites, according
to the press accounts, France backed out of its E.U. deal to take in
migrants, in order to make sure no more such migrant ships come to its
ports from Italy. Italy was apparently supposed to just keep them,
although as of now, it's unclear as to why the Italian navy can't
force the ships back to the Libyan coast where they came from.

The raging statement from Italy's prime minister, Giorgia Meloni --
you've got to listen to it in Italian with the sound on -- pretty well
demonstrated that this was someone who full well knew the damage and
hypocrisy of France, whose policies effectively enticed migrants to
dump their homelands and come up to Europe for the welfare. Meloni's
edgy working-class Roman accent speaking in the sharpest of furious
tones, pretty well conveys the Italian sentiment and is something to

    This is fantastic. Macron thought he could throw a “cordon
sanitaire”around Meloni’s Italy, and she is really taking it to him.
    — Mike Gonzalez (@Gundisalvus) November 19, 2022

    ITALY - Well their new PM Giorgia Meloni certainly doesn’t hold
back does she?

    Here’s her take on Macron, after he called the Italians
    — Bernie's Tweets (@BernieSpofforth) September 28, 2022

She's informed, she's furious, and she's laying it out to everyone,
basically out-Martha Vineyard-ing even Ron DeSantis as she forced that
ship to France.

For the smug Eurochickens out there, starting with Emmanuel Macron of
France, she's gotten word out now that Italy's not one to mess with
these days, they've had it with being Europe's punching bag on
migrants. Expect the Europeans to adjust their expectations

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