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China's Xi smacks slimeball Trudeau in public...

China's Xi Loudly Excoriates Justin Trudeau In Crowded Room

A very rare, or we should say unprecedented, moment was caught on a
hot mic at the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia on Wednesday which
involved Chinese President Xi Jinping openly berating Canadian Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau.

In the encounter, President Xi is seen angrily confronting Trudeau for
leaking the details of a conversation that happened between them at
the summit, which the Chinese leader assumed was private. It was an
absolutely humiliating scene for the Canadian PM, especially as it was
caught on film - a clip of which is now going viral.

    Intimate insight of Xi lecturing Trudeau at G20. Xi said it was
not ok, to leak their previous discussion points to newspapers.

    “That’s not the way the conversation was conducted”
    — Marcel Münch (@_mm85) November 16, 2022

The episode also caught the attention of Bloomberg, The Guardian, and
other international outlets. The two conversed via a translator
standing close to them.

"That is not appropriate, and we didn't do it that way," Xi said in
Mandarin, at first with a half-smile.

"If there is sincerity, we can communicate well with mutual respect,
otherwise the outcome will not be easy to tell," he added, charging
Trudeau with misleadingly conveying the contents of a prior dialogue
to the media. "Everything we discussed was leaked to the paper(s),
that's not appropriate."

The tense exchange continued, with Trudeau hesitantly trying to calm
the Chinese leader, who is rarely if ever seen venting or losing his
temper in public (Chinese state media seeks to carefully present his
image to the public). Trudeau cut in: "In Canada we believe in free
and open and frank dialogue and that is what we will continue to have,
we will continue to look to work constructively together but there
will be things we disagree on."
Via Reuters

By then a visibly frustrated Xi cuts him off, firing back, "That's
great, the conditions first" - and then quickly shakes Trudeau's hand
and briskly walks off.

The day prior, on Tuesday, the two leaders held a 10-minute informal
meeting, the contents of which did not result in a press readout
issued from either government. Meanwhile, Reuters speculates on the
likely source of Xi's exasperation:

    His displeasure was likely a reference to media reports that
Trudeau brought up "serious concerns" about alleged espionage and
Chinese "interference" in Canadian elections when meeting with Xi on
Tuesday, his first talks with the Chinese leader in more than three

    A VERY RARE insight into just how blunt President Xi can be if you
act in a way that is unbecoming of a world leader.

    Here he absolutely schools Trudeau after the latter leaked their
private conversations (inaccurately) to the media.

    Trudeau walks off like a scolded puppy.
    — Andy Boreham 安柏然 (@AndyBxxx) November 16, 2022

One commentator underscored his impression that at the end of the
exchange of pointed words Trudeau walked off "like a scolded puppy."

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