USA 2024 Elections Thread

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Thu Nov 17 18:34:45 PST 2022

Before midterms: We’re forgiving student loans, vote for us! The day
after midterms: Sike, thanks for the votes

A billboard by the U.S. Department of Housing advising against
prostituting yourself for rent

"I'm Katie Hobbs. I'm running for AZ Governor. I refused to debate
my opponent, Kari Lake. I'm overseeing the election I'm runnning
in, even though its a conflict of interest. The voting machines
were malfunctioning on election day, and now its taking us weeks
to count ballots. I'm magically winning by a handful of votes.
Nothing to see here! -- Honest Katie Hobbes"

Bernie Is Right: Extreme Wealth Concentration Has Turned America Into
an Oligarchy - A new congressional report commissioned by Bernie
Sanders finds that the 1 percent now own one-third of all wealth,
while the bottom half of Americans hold only 2 percent.

Brian Kemp oversaw the Georgia election when he was secretary of state.
Georgia also had sketchy as fuck voting machines when he was running
for governor.
they were eventually forced to machines with paper ballots.
They even wiped servers when they were sued.

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