Cryptocurrency: Noting The Carnage

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Nov 16 11:07:57 PST 2022

"If we named our company Shitcoin Daytraders Inc... -- SBF"
SBF talking about how Alameda Research got its name...

Politicians Announce December Hearing to Investigate FTX Collapse

Instead of properly coralling the Fraudsters Thieves
and piss poor managers and riskers of Other Peoples Money,
nor rightly insisting upon just full transparency reporting for these Corps
leaving everything else to freemarket competition and progress of crypto
for human freedom, they will try in vain to regulate and shutdown
distributed p2p crypto in favor of propping up survival of their
central shitcoin
banksters and themselves. Crypto is stronger and has the winning
philosophies of Freedom Privacy and more on its side,
as such, they will fail.

The nanny state cannot and does not help you [1], one must instead
become educated on markets, insist on transparency, and your keys.
Personal responsibility, independence, charity,
is a necessary change for freedom, but it's not hard.

[1] Lottery tickets, Casino's, Corporate stock bankruptcies,
"No Duty to Protect", money printing devaluation inflation
thieving fruits of your labor, subsidies raising prices and
engulfing entire peoples and nations in debt, etc...

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