Cryptocurrency: Noting The Carnage

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Nov 16 08:29:39 PST 2022

Newest members of the "I Fucked Up" Hall of Eternal Shame and Flame...

Barry Silbert
Cameron Winklevoss
Tyler Winklevoss

Sam Bankman-Fried


Now instead of going after the real Frauds above and themselves,
Govts and Politicians are going after you and your right to Privacy and Freedom,
this way the GovCorpPols can preserve their criminally corrupt theft graft
money laundering and prop regime... from your pockets, to theirs...

The European Union is reportedly considering a ban on privacy coins,
including Monero, Zcash, Secret, and Dash. The EU is reportedly
working on an anti-money laundering policy proposal prohibiting banks
and crypto providers from interacting with privacy coins. If enacted,
the policy would effectively blacklist a host of popular
cryptocurrencies, including Dash and Monero.

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