Cryptocurrency: Noting The Carnage

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 17 02:03:59 PST 2022

@JackMallers blasts the situation

Im gonna go live with @jackmallers at 10am on Twitter to talk @ftx_app
and @SBF_FTX collapse. I got lots of questions. If @SBF_FTX wants to
join he is welcome to

More and more begin to grok crypto...

This is only the beginning, in the end, cryptocurrency will prove to
us all that it was never designed to be centralized.

Let's use Bitcoin as an example, but please feel free to use any truly
immutable decentralized coin or token in its place for what I am about
to type here, because for one reason or another, a lot of you must
have forgotten this, or just never knew it to begin with.

If you purchased Bitcoin when it was $1.00 per coin, or you purchased
it at $69,000 per coin and you stored it yourself, meaning you had
control of your own keys, and you weren't the one who threw your
computer out that you had it all on like a true dumbass, you would
still have all of your Bitcoin, and so long as you never sold, only
bought, to this very day you never would have lost a thing, not your
coins, or any value, because you held your own keys, essentially being
your own bank, and never selling, essentially being your own
exchange... that's what cryptocurrency was designed to be.

I think we all have to start taking responsibility for what goes on in
the cryptocurrency space as a whole, and stop asking for justice from
the very same people we were supposed to no longer need. Stop being an
idiot, stop being lazy, and take control of your own cryptocurrency.
Be the bank you always wished could exist. You've had that power since
2010... you have that power now more than ever... now just use it.

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