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Mon May 2 12:45:49 PDT 2022

On Sun, May 1, 2022, 9:49 PM punk <punks at> wrote:

>         "the list is spooks, trolls, and other sources of
> negative influence, surveillance or disruption. Sabotage, COINTELPRO and
> other forms of subversion or attack are often observed."
>         I think that whoever wrote that, Greg? should also publish the
> list of government agents who engage in sabotage, COINTELPRO, etc.
>         Whoever wrote that obviously knows who these 'actors' are, and
> there's no reason for him to protect them.
>         I'll be waiting, as I think any other honest poster will.

Reminds of before I forgot everything, seeing that quote.

Things seemed much simpler on only one side.

Would you like we started a list? Maybe we could start with properties of
behavior, see if any cross-correlate with properties of spy orgs. Maybe
scrape archives for helpful experience logs or something, if they're still
there by the time they're downloaded.

I could use my behavior properties being labeled and timestamped pretty

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