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Fri Aug 12 16:07:20 PDT 2022

"mmm!" says the cupofcoffee  . "this wealthy industrialist is deliious!"

a pet ferret, very large, sits next to the cup of coffee.

large pet ferret: "oh yeah the megalomaniacs are the best. reslly got that
tang that just wont give up nomatter how lowbthey sink, yknow?"

coffee cup: "yeah!" [pauses] "but why would youever giveupif you sank low?
imean lookat me, i amjust a cup of coffee, andhereiamdOminatingthis
parjbench taking sips from an international crimelord multinational
dictator, etcetc?"

large pet ferret: "uhhhh" [mobile phone rIngs] "excusemei need togo wash my
scuba diver."

coffee cup [taking more sips from mcboss]: "have fun!"
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