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Fri Aug 12 16:15:14 PDT 2022

largepet ferret isina bathroom, theirhandsin a tubcontaining a confinedman
wearing a diving mask and flippers.

they are sprayingthe manwith waterand scrubbing him.

large pet ferret: "i wrote a computerprogrsm once"

scuba djver beIng washed:: "blub?"

large pet ferret: "yeah, iwanted totskeover the world. wellnitreally
nobodyvactualy doesthatthere nopoint."

scuba diver; "blub blub. blub?"

large pet ferret: "yeahthensa hadmesay that"

scuba diver: "blub blub blub blub blubblub blub blubblub"

large pet ferret: "i know, i know, and you have me tocover you with water
and wash you clean"

scuba diver: "blub.•

large pet ferret: "cameras eh. anyway theyvsayits _boring_ totake over
thewrold. its notsomething youkeepbdoing. somebody whokeepz being described
as running the _wholeworld, not sureIdbelievetheyre thatpowerful."
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