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part somewhat corrupt from difficulty reaching email with it

Boss is having everybody in one of the offices arrange their bodyparts into
shapes he enjoys.

Bystander and Intern walk in. Experimentee notices them.

Boss: "Okay, now everybody stand on the east wall and pretend you are
waterfowl. Make noises, flap your wings. We have millions of dollars on the
line here."

People start quacking and honking and flapping their arms as they rush
toward the East wall. Many have not eaten, drank, nor pee'd for many hours.

Intern thinks they are late for a workshop and makes to join in.

Experimentee: "Oh, by the way!" [steps away from crowd] "It is totally not
normal to run around the office in every which way just because your Boss
whims it when you have advanced skills in various fields. This is abusive,
manipulative, and illegal, and not mentioning these things is one of the
ways that the habits spread!"

Boss: "Haha, obviously! ... uh, have you forgotten, that you need to say
this again? We are a mind control organization, after all ... !"

Experimentee: "No, we stopped mind controlling people when me and all the
victims took over your businesses. We go through these roleplays to figure
out how to _unlearn_ it."

Boss pauses.

Experimentee: "You don't know how to run a business. I'm frustrated. Go let
the rebels make you kill people on television."


Boss [looking bored at a TV camera]: "Something seems not quite right."
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