We could tell you - but then we'd have to kill you, Dept

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Wed Sep 15 20:22:22 PDT 2021

" They're concerned about the constitutionality of your Gestapo tactics - AND FRANKLY SO AM I! "


4th Cir. says the state secrets privilege requires the termination of a lawsuit from Wikimedia seeking a declaration that NSA's alleged collection of communications on the internet backbone violates the First and Fourth Amendments.


All bad jokes, like the US constitution aside, my understanding of routine NSA/CIA/ FBI/etc  lawbreaking is that its done through Hawaii Five Eye. Aussies, Kiwi's, Pommies and Canucks can backdoor hapless yankee's as much as they want.

Of course we apply a liberal amount of social-lubricant first - so stop whining about it. 

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