US NUMBER ONE - most corrupt 'science' on the planet, of course.

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Wed Sep 15 20:00:49 PDT 2021

	"A segment of our society was experimenting with a lifestyle, and it didn't work. They got sick. Another segment of our pluralistic society, call them doctor/scientist refugees from the failed War on Cancer, or just call them professional jackals, discovered that it did work. It worked for them. They are still making payments on their new BMWs out of your pocket." 

	OK, so that's a pretty interesting piece of information, a 'war on cancer'! The US nazis have been parodying themselves since forever. 

	So yeah,
	"progress in reducing the overall cancer mortality rate has been disappointing." 

	go figure. But of course as mullis points out, the 10,000 of millions of dollars that the US nazi turds looted from the whole planet through dollar 'inflation' have created millions of corrupt 'scientists', aka thieves. 

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