Assassination Politics

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Sep 15 21:29:38 PDT 2021

> the promise of smart contracts for beneficial goals.

The future may soon be one of freedom, one without
today's legacy archy.

And Prediction Markets may answer one of the most
persistant questions held back by people [1] as only
being possible under the domain of the State...

Q: But but but... who will build and maintain the Roads?

A: Whoever answers the questions that are posed
to the market for funding.

System freely determining the validity of questions, level of funds
accumulating, eventually motivating the takers to make predictions...
fully distributed, no prime government contractors, no ownership
or authority in existing roads, open specification, for all.
(PM's often better than DAO's at least in the case of public roads,
since DAO's typically imply and assert themselves as owners,
leading to problems of anti-privacy/freedom/free-use of tracking/tolls,
enforcement, access control, fraud, theft, corruption, eventual shift from
"private in the public interest" to public nuisance, etc. DAO's often better
in private contexts such as business, or voluntarily
subscribed insurance choices, etc.)
Those wanting freedom-of-travel roads will see to it that
those general and particular questions will be posed and
funded and thus answered by predictors when valid...
no vehicle gps trackers or registration or taxes or
tollbooths or anything else needed but free markets.
Whether each single pothole, or all the roads of a region,
Prediction Markets have been noted as capable of
motivating maintainers to show up.

Now go propose, fund, and predict the fixing of that annoying pothole!

Peace, Love, Anarchy.

[1] Who are brainwashed in government indoctrination
camps (aka: public schools) to ignore that lots of roads
were and are done on volunteer/donor, communal shared,
or private interest basis.

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