Cypherpunks write code

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Sep 4 20:38:46 PDT 2021

"... And there's something I'm curious about, what are people doing on this mailing list who aren't interested in information security that can't write a code? ..."

Maybe cos its an anarchists list for discussing the socio-economic & political aspects of cryptographic code use. The political economy of Dead-Pools, for example. Or the rise of the crypto-currency sector over 2 trillion USD $ as we speak.

List founder Tim ' Mongo " May often made this broader point - that the list should not encourage specialist technocrats. So " Code ' should be meant as broadly as possible.
It's on disk - check the archives.

"...I really wonder why this mailing list isn't being used for its purpose? ..."

Batshit-crazy Nazi-Fag-Morons - the Gramps, Semich, ' Natural-Rights' bowtie-anarchy Losers type -  tried to squat here for a brief while so we're evicting them right now. 
Increasingly the cryptoanarchist infrastructure market is taking over this lists purpose as its living out the cypherpunk creed - " Privacy for the poor and transparency for the powerful "

Money talks - bullshit walks.

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