Cypherpunks write code

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Sep 18 00:22:52 PDT 2021

> We must defend our own privacy if we expect to have any.
> Cypherpunks write code.
> We know that someone has to write software to defend privacy,
> and ... we're going to write it."

GnuPG, and many networks, message systems, etc already exist...
a magnitude above plaintext. Yes, go write improve make more.

But none of that has done a single shit to "defend" or "preserve"
realworld privacy since 30 years of write code. In fact there has
since been colossal ongoing net LOSS of all forms of realworld
privacy since then. Realworld tyranny doesn't give a fuck
about your little private online utopias, it stormrolls over them,
Traffic Analyzes them, pulls their plug, defunds, brainwashes,
indoctrinates, infiltrates, coinalyzes, informs, plea offers, cracks,
sybil's, and generally rubberhoses them all at will.

Realworld still trumps online privtopia world.

Now AP (more generally Prediction Markets, PM's in general being a
tool for determining odds of many various outcomes and projects),
PM's may be the only "code" even capable of exerting any real
influence back into and upon the real world from privtopias.

But even though any of the coins that can send an arbitrary text/data
field along with the transaction can host a PM... no one has done
any PM's of influence yet, on any platform.

Not even Bitcoin the hardly private toy is doing any real influence yet
other than bursting a few brain circuits in a few legacy GovCorpBank sters.

> what are people doing on this mailing list who aren't
> interested in information security

Not quite. There are more than a few, and some
very talented and experienced, infosec people here.

> that can't write a code?

Not quite. There are more than a few, and some
very talented and experienced, coders here.

Yet none of them have to tell.

> I really wonder why this mailing list isn't being used for its purpose?

Maybe it is.
Maybe it is a privacy coin...
The inputs to its output purpose do not have to be
visible to everyone, nor even to anyone, for it to function...

> I don't want to see government licks

Lots of those here too.

Did you "vote"... you're a GovLick.
Did you pay "tax"... you're a GovLick.
Did you get a "BirthID", a "driver license"... you're a GovLick.
Did you choose Govt subsidized school... you're a GovLick.
Did you use GovBank Fiat... you're a GovLick.
Did you ... you're a GovLick.
Did you not even open your mouth to anyone, in public discourse,
in the realworld, against forms of Govt and "authority" and for freedom
and privacy... you're a GovLick.

> and nationalists here.

Lots of those too, voluntary nations being just as fine
as voluntary socialist, religion, whatever, etc, provided
they're compliant.
Yet people don't know voluntaryism, so they whine against
the few free chosen NAP compliant associations.

> This is the cypherpunks mailing list.Please speak on purpose here.

Maybe lots have already given years to decades of it
around the real world. Some at great cost and lost
opportunity or ongoing risk. But they don't have to tell you of it.

Are you paying people to write and speak code for you?

Otherwise people freely give it as they wish or not.

But oh so many crybabies crying for censor mod bans
when the crybabies should go and filter their own mailboxes
from the assholes, agents, spies, trolls, traps, pols,
GovLicks, hacks, cracks, shills, trojans, influence, noise,
and bayes markov tune it to just what they want to hear.

And the worst...

The crybabies are not writing and speaking code, they
themselves are ones not adding to making the lists what
they claim to desire to see. Not even posting articles,
not even making cpunk commentary, not even demoing and
reviewing the smallest simplest bit of any cpunk app
running on that piece of GovLick Microsoft Windows
or Apple Mac OS they are running.

But they sure want everyone to talk all about it for them,
to censor ban, etc.

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