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And some of them speak very disrespectful.It's disrespectful to Jim Bell and Assange.Even though they're both important cypherpunk, they're disrespectful about them.Assange's in jail, but Jim bell's here, so let's respect each other.

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zeynepaydogan <zeynepaydogan at> 4 Eylül 2021 Cumartesi saat 22:49 tarihinde yazdı:

> We must defend our own privacy if we expect to have any. ... Cypherpunks write code. We know that someone has to write software to defend privacy, and ... we're going to write it."
> And there's something I'm curious about, what are people doing on this mailing list who aren't interested in information security that can't write a code?
> I really wonder why this mailing list isn't being used for its purpose?
> I don't want to see government licks and nationalists here.
> This is the cypherpunks mailing list.Please speak on purpose here.
> I hope it wasn't a hurtful speech.
> Castigat ridendo mores...
> Sincerly;
> RG
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