FCC WiFi tax?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 15:57:30 PST 2021

Futher, granting right of way to GovCorp in title deeds
gives them perpetual right and power, profiting and
growing without compensating you, off your stupid
decision to grant and to pay them high monthly rent,
higher than the cost to build your own, all for the
priviledge to rot your brain with their TV programme.

5 years at those rates, converted into a onetime
buildout, remainder invested into crypto, will get
you both p2p connectivity (rollout today with 1Gbps
to 10Gbps fiber links) and node HW upgrades and
replacements, for free in perpetuity, with all rights
still reserved to you, privately with no GovCorp's
involved, and with more freedom for the world.

Do the math... crypto guerrilla p2p meshnets ftw!
There is no reason not to start building right now today.

And when everyone excercises their p2p rights to
run servers, fill their barns with nodes if they want,
providing distributed censor free unstoppable
east-west redundant path platforms to the world...
you no longer get centralized problems like what
happened today...

30K Websites Down After Google Cloud Outage
Internet tracking website NetBlocks confirms the widespread internet
outage is "due to a Google Cloud Networking technical fault; incident
not related to country-level internet disruptions or filtering."
Downdector reports dozens of major websites began experiencing
disruptions or outages around 1240 ET. Users are saying AWS and Google
Cloud are down and could be the culprit behind the widespread outage.

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