FCC WiFi tax?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 17:33:39 PST 2021

And since you already built and perpetually operated this
physical underlying p2p guerilla fiber and RF meshnet for free,
you can obviously further monetize or benefact it with all sorts
of plugins like the two below if you so wish...
but you cannot do or gain anything by continuing to beg and
subjugate yourself to FCC and GovCorp to do it for you,
most certainly not freedom.

   "Helium is an interesting project that’s trying to build a completely
   decentralized 5G infrastructure. Render is… trying to build a completely
   decentralized graphical processing structure, GPUs essentially. In both of
   those things, you can quantifiably economically measure what the value is
   that people get.

   In the case of Render, you’re basically displacing an AWS [Amazon Web
   Services] instance. That has a price and a value. For Render to be
   valuable, there’s an economic value that it replaces. If you’re
   joining a Hotspot, that has an economic value where you hadn’t
   necessarily had to pay to get internet connectivity, if you all of a
   sudden were on the Helium network. That displaces a measurable economic

   Understanding that and taking the absolute value of that is the best way
   of understanding which projects have potential... where is there developer
   interest and where is there measurable economic activity? At the
   intersection of those is where the really compelling projects come in."
 -- Palihapitiya

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