FCC WiFi tax?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 14:30:30 PST 2021

Without the 20 sequential additive layers of tax,
without regulation, zoning, permitting, building codes,
government owned rights of way, etc.. all that ridiculous
stuff and the propaganda brainwashing propping it up...
internet access entrepreneurs and benefactors and
rural communities themselves would all have plenty
of money and motivation to connect themselves up to
the internet. And once you show all those rural landowners
how ridiculously inexpensive and easy it is to lay and
run fully independant p2p fiber, wifi, optical, and participate
in routing node meshes, they'll be happy to
bore trench and string their land for and with you.

Quit depending on GovCorp to build and enslave
you to their fake censored nonredundant social
scored cancel you and your crypto internet.

Get off your ass and start stringing the next
generation distributed redundant multipath
p2p internet, individually owned and mesh operated,
person to person, house to house, land to land,
across the globe.

It's cheap, fun, and lockdown proof... freedom :)

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