New York City: NYCCoin vs. NewYorkCoin [Ticker: NYC]

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Sat Nov 13 14:21:20 PST 2021

Hey there:

Anyone else following NYCCoin Mining? See a tweet from Mayor-Elect Adams: or NewYorkCoin (Ticker: NYC) and are saying they
have no affiliation. is registered out of Iceland, so we gave the admin a call...
The domain admin desk said they did not want to release any information:

Meanwhile, just over $10M+ of value mined in the name of NYCCoin with $3M+
sitting in a wallet for the CIty of New York:

NYC coin's market cap reached $30M+ as part of the Tweet from the
Mayor-Elect. Now back down to around $12M:

Anyone else following this story?

Thank you,

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