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Italian Institute Of Health Drastically Reduces Its Official COVID
Death Toll Number

The Italian Higher Institute of Health has drastically reduced the
country’s official COVID death toll number by over 97 per cent after
changing the definition of a fatality to someone who died from COVID
rather than with COVID.

Italian newspaper Il Tempo reports that the Institute has revised
downward the number of people who have died from COVID rather than
with COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000.

    “Yes, you read that right. Turns out 97.1% of deaths hitherto
attributed to Covid were not due directly to Covid,” writes Toby

Of the of the 130,468 deaths registered as official COVID deaths since
the start of the pandemic, only 3,783 are directly attributable to the
virus alone.

    “All the other Italians who lost their lives had from between one
and five pre-existing diseases. Of those aged over 67 who died, 7% had
more than three co-morbidities, and 18% at least two,” writes Young.

    “According to the Institute, 65.8% of Italians who died after
being infected with Covid were ill with arterial hypertension (high
blood pressure), 23.5% had dementia, 29.3% had diabetes, and 24.8%
atrial fibrillation. Add to that, 17.4% had lung problems, 16.3% had
had cancer in the last five years and 15.7% suffered from previous
heart failures.”

The Institute’s new definition of a COVID death means that COVID has
killed fewer people in Italy than (whisper it) the average bout of
seasonal flu.

If a similar change were made by other national governments, the
official COVID death toll would be cut by a margin of greater than 90
per cent.

Don’t expect many others to follow suit though, given that governments
have invested so much of their authority in hyping the the threat
posed by the virus.

For example, behavioral psychologists in the UK worked with the state
to deliberately “exaggerate” the threat of COVID via “unethical” and
“totalitarian” methods of propaganda in order to terrify the public
into mass compliance.

And it worked.

A survey conducted after the first lockdown found that the average
Brit thought 100 times more people had died from COVID than the
official death toll.

Now we come to understand that the official killed ‘by COVID’ and not
‘with COVID’ figure is less than one tenth what is officially reported
as the total COVID death toll.

Despite the change, Italy may yet take the decision to make the
COVID-19 vaccine mandatory, although how such a scheme would be
imposed remains unspecified.

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