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Sun Nov 7 00:05:41 PDT 2021

Unconstitutional Raging Asshole Joe Biden trying to force Vax
on Entire USA, Fires Millions of productive and talented workers...
Just say NO!

White House Expands Vaccine Mandate To Cover 80 Million Workers

The White House has just released new policies requiring all companies
- big and small - to coerce their workers into accepting the vaccine,
or face termination, as the Biden Administration continues to up the
pressure on all working Americans to get vaccinated before Jan. 4.

According to Axios, President Biden is planning to announce Thursday
that employers with more than 100 workers on their payroll must
guarantee that their workers are fully vaccinated, or tested weekly,
by Jan. 4, 2022. If not, they could face federal fines starting at
tens of thousands of dollars per offense.

What's more, health-care workers will face even tougher restrictions
which will effectively require every health-care worker in the country
to be vaccinated, or lose their job, despite the fact that millions of
health-care workers have already been infected with the virus by
natural means.

To be sure, managing weekly testing programs for a minority of
corporate employees will be extremely costly, and the ramifications of
this new policy will essentially force employees for the biggest
companies in the US to accept the vaccine.

Per Axios, the new rules - formally known as the COVID-19 Vaccination
and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard - will be enforced by OSHA.
They will affect roughly two-thirds of America's workforce, or roughly
80MM people. Many businesses and hospitals have already started to
enforce vaccine mandates, and while Axios reports that they have seen
"minimal" noncompliance, that doesn't exactly square with the fact
that less than 60% of the American population is fully vaccinated.

While corporations might be able to absorb some of these costs, small
businesses will likely be left with some difficult decisions to make.
However, there's one important catch: OSHA will mostly rely on
"complaints" to enforce the rule, meaning it will be up to American
workers whether or not they want to hold their fellow workers
accountable for defying the policy. This incentive to snitch out
co-workers and neighbors has already elicited criticism from some,
including Conservative Radio host Dan Bongino, who has pushed back
against vaccine mandates in favor of bodily autonomy.

The strict mandate for health-care workers is already creating some
problems because, while 40% of health-care businesses have purportedly
already enforced the policy, the supposedly "minimal" level of
noncompliance is reportedly exacerbating worker shortages at hospitals
and other critical service providers.

In another indication of how companies are struggling with the
mandate, some federal contractors had been expected to enforce the
Biden Admin's vaccine mandate by Dec. 8, but those expectations have
now been pushed back to Jan. 4. When asked whether the pushback was
due to worker shortages, or the timing of the holiday season, they
refused to comment, saying only that the delay is meant to "align"
with health-care facilities and US employers.

Perhaps President Biden (and VP/President-in-waiting Kamala Harris)
have already forgotten the lessons of Tuesday's "off-year" election?

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