DarkMarket shut down.

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Years ago, the Tor internal logs were leaked. Tor is being funded by CIA. You can see Tor internal Logs where detailed information has been shared on this topic. And Jim Bell has nothing to do with the Tor project. But there's someone here who hired the CIA guy. Ask him why he hired the CIA guy and how much he's getting out of it. He worked for the Tor project, not Jim bell.

Açık Çar, Kas 3, 2021 22:41, cherry <cherry at cpal.pw> yazdı:

> On 11/2/21 3:59 PM, jim bell wrote:
>> Don't blame me! I didn't invent TOR, nor did I choose it to be funded
>> by the US Federal Government! Nor did I choose its limitations, for a
>> specific example its lack of chaff. Two years ago, in fact, I proposed
>> an alternate system using individually-owned Raspberry-Pi (?) remailers,
>> not dependent on government funding or regulation.
>> So, what makes you sound like I'm the problem?
> You are the problem for Punk-BatSoup because you are a cyberpunk and he
> is a federal agent.
> Similarly, Edward Joseph Snowden is a problem for Punk-BatSoup, because
> Snowden sincere leftist who believes in all that left wing cant about
> liberty and suchlike - serious leftists, the people now in power, know
> that such useful idiots need to be guillotined come the revolution.
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