DarkMarket shut down.

cherry cherry at cpal.pw
Wed Nov 3 12:41:29 PDT 2021

On 11/2/21 3:59 PM, jim bell wrote:
> Don't blame me!   I didn't invent TOR, nor did I choose it to be funded 
> by the US Federal Government!   Nor did I choose its limitations, for a 
> specific example its lack of chaff.  Two years ago, in fact, I proposed 
> an alternate system using individually-owned Raspberry-Pi (?) remailers, 
> not dependent on government funding or regulation.
> So, what makes you sound like I'm the problem?

You are the problem for Punk-BatSoup because you are a cyberpunk and he 
is a federal agent.

Similarly, Edward Joseph Snowden is a problem for Punk-BatSoup, because 
Snowden sincere leftist who believes in all that left wing cant about 
liberty and suchlike - serious leftists, the people now in power, know 
that such useful idiots need to be guillotined come the revolution.

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