more email blocking/censorship.

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat May 22 13:03:41 PDT 2021

> 	just sent you a message with subject "i love google" - Im sure that one
> will get through

No, not even that message worshipping them (and by extension
their CIA/NSA/FBI/FVEY partnership) got through.

A test was unexpected... whenever cock drops off the RBL's,
try originating a new (non-reply) msg with different subject
and body, maybe it will be seen.

> 	First time for me. I don't think it ever happened since I started using it
> ~2.5 years ago.

About 8 months ago, didn't yet test the problem further.

Some RBLs still accept unblock requests from @users
or third parties (@'s/IP's) who are not the owner of the
source or destination IP's or domains in question, but that
feature is being quashed as a bug in favor of the censors.

>        kinda looks like there is one 'shared' blocking list and it's being used by pg's spam filter, it's being used by google, and...the rest of the arpanet prolly.

The insane rabid censors who concocted such anti-spam
measures as blocklists always said "If we can just get
every operator using this...".

Whether shared or not, freespeech, and freedom, is still
fucked by their tech. Of course now the tech for fucking
human freedom over is far more advanced, widespread,
and levied against all you humans with impunity by
such grand high powers.

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