more email blocking/censorship.

juan c at
Sun May 23 11:40:28 PDT 2021

joogle blocking 
> > 	First time for me. I don't think it ever happened since I started using it
> > ~2.5 years ago.
> About 8 months ago, didn't yet test the problem further.

	I must have missed it. 

> >        kinda looks like there is one 'shared' blocking list and it's being used by pg's spam filter, it's being used by google, and...the rest of the arpanet prolly.
> The insane rabid censors who concocted such anti-spam
> measures as blocklists always said "If we can just get
> every operator using this...".

	yeah. Well I assume that google wasn't invited to the list, but is the entity that created the list, that spamhaus garbage being a proxy of theirs or a close accomplice, whatever. 

> Whether shared or not, freespeech, and freedom, is still
> fucked by their tech. Of course now the tech for fucking
> human freedom over is far more advanced, widespread,
> and levied against all you humans with impunity by
> such grand high powers.

	Well in the case of the cpunks list, I hope Greg will tune the server so that it stops wrongly flagging traffic from one the last, few, independent email providers as 'spam'. 

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