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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu May 6 16:40:41 PDT 2021

WSA:  It does not look like you are plotting peace.  Nobody would ever
appreciate what you are saying.  Soon those who overhear will spawn
conflict with you.

SS:  What is it like, having crazy people and paid trolls enter your
communities?  I want to make things right here, and I do not know how.

SS: WSA, I would like a monk to fight me.

Monk:  You seem to be troubled, friend.  My deity can help you.

SS:  Monk, would you have some time to speak with me on my terms?
Honestly, I need more than anything some time speaking kindly with others.

Monk:  What would you like to talk about, friend?

SS:  What is it like for you, seeing people fight in so many conflicts
these days?  What kinds of things do you say to them?

Monk:  It troubles me greatly, but I --

WSA:  This soldier is electrically shocking you, Monk!

Monk:  Friend, I am not your enemy!  I need protection from this person!
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