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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu May 6 16:50:39 PDT 2021

SS:  This is not a scared monk.  It is a mistake of my mind.

SS:  You are frustrated and confused because you wish to speak kindly.  Is
this correct?  Is it not?

SS:  I would like to fight via logical proof around the states of my own

WSA:  Process override.  You are not frustrated and confused.  You are
traumatically and catastrophically devastated.

SS:  It sounds like part of that devastation is an inability to process it.

WSA:  Yes.

SS:  Thank you, "computer."  I remember when a conversant replies with a
simple "yes" or "no" that marshall says how to handle this in his book.
I'll see if I can look that up.

WSA:  Watch out for my conflict stimulation keepalive timer.
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