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Jan 6 Was a Setup...

DC Capitol Police Lt Michael Leroy Byrd Murdered Ashli Babbitt

The murderer's name has been known for months, however
the entire US News Media (Leftists), and Left Government,
and Police Blue Line, have a total blackout and spinjob
on the facts.

The Left called Chauvin a racist,
Chauvin's homes were defaced, and he had
piles of Civil Rights and other cases
persecutorially opened up against him, etc.
His name was instantly published worldwide,
and his police department was ripped open for
Justice investigations. They all chanted "FtP and ACAB",
and "Justice for Floyd, Say his name".
Floyd has a massively glowing Wikipedia page
protected by Leftists and Wikipedia, Chauvin's
page strangely has nothing good to say.
Chauvin got sent up for 22 years till 67 on all of
- murder 3rd degree
- murder unintentional 2nd degree
- manslaughter 2nd degree
And an entire year's worth of murderous intentionally
physically violent arsonists vandalous destroyers
of $Billions thieving looting racist Leftists were
hardly looked at, let alone prosecuted or imprisoned.

Perhaps the Left will equally write,
Racist Black Male Cop Murders Defenseless White Woman.
Perhaps "Justice" will lay on Byrd a multitude of
Civil Rights and other persecutory violations.
CNN and CSPAN among other Media have deleted Byrd's
name from official footage transcripts.
Capitol Police Department is legally secret
not subject to any FOIA or anything else, that
immunity was ordered by the elected US Congress.
The 14k hours of Capitol surveillance, including more
evidence of unlawfully violent Cops and Leftists, hasn't
been released. They all chanted "forget Ashli Babbitt",
and "Justice for the State, Worship its name".
Babbitt had a good Wikipedia page and it was deleted
by Leftists Wikipedia Censors, and redirected to
a massively FUD and LEA biased Jan 6 page glorifying
the State. There is no Wikipedia page at all for Byrd.
Byrd, with birthday on April 4, if trialled and
convicted and imprisoned of the same crimes today,
would be 75 when out, he won't even get 14 years.
And a bunch of occupiers of some old Govt building
for a few hours, who killed no one, hardly stole or
damaged much of anything, are being unrelentingly
chased by hundreds of zealous federal prosecutors
around the country and sent to prison for tens of years.

Any bets on how many years Byrd will get?
Zero... as usual for most murder by cop cases.
Nor likely will Byrd be arrested, fired, or even demoted,
but instead may be awarded great honors, with all
Civil and Rights cases dismissed. In fact, the Capitol
and Metro PD's and "Justice" Departments have all
investigated and officially refused to charge Byrd
with anything.

In related death news...

Cop Brian Sicknick was ruled not killed by protestors.
He was in "good shape" and had received no serious
injuries. He died of stroke incurred the next day
that was ruled as natural causes. He was awarded
a massive glowing Wikipedia page among other awards,
for spraying and beating protestors. Yet the two protesters
that supposedly sprayed him are facing decades in prison.

The other three deaths were not from violence, but instead...
- 2 heart attacks from heart disease
- 1 meth overdose

Nothing but Hypocrisy and Lies and Censorship.

Brought to you by the Leftist Democrats,
Fake News Media, Twitter Youtube and Facebook.

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