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Trump Files Class Action Free Speech 1st Amdt Lawsuit
Against Twitter, Facebook, Google Censors Lawsuit Press Conference
[partial video]
Trump's lawsuits ask the court to restore his Twitter, Facebook, and
YouTube accounts, and they also seek "to prohibit Defendants from
exercising censorship, editorial control, or prior restraint in its
many forms over the posts of President Trump, and Putative Class
Members." The lawsuits name several other class members and say the
class would include US-based users who have been "censored" by the
three tech platforms since June 2018.

Democrat Frauds...

Democrat Wealth Hypocrites...

Jan 6 Was a Setup...

The Pentagon offered National Guard troops two days before the Jan. 6
breach of the U.S. Capitol building, but that proposal was rejected,
former chief of staff Kash Patel has confirmed.

Patel, who also served as a government official in the United States
National Security Council and the United States House of
Representatives, said that he believes that the offer from the Trump
administration was blocked for “political reasons.”

“You have to ask yourself, what happened on Jan. 6? I was chief of
staff on the Department of Defense on Jan. 6,” said Patel. “We had
offered the Capitol Police and Mayor Bowser of Washington D.C.
thousands of National Guardsmen and women two days before Jan. 6, and
they turned us down.
'Big Tech ran a full-on censorship campaign against a major newspaper
to protect a political candidate. Period. Everyone knows it, all of
the Tech companies now admit it was a "mistake"'


Educate, Don't Mandate...

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