USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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Sat Jul 3 20:13:29 PDT 2021

Which Candidate Won the 2020 Election? – Independence Day Edition
One of these candidates received over 75 million votes in the 2020 election.
They tell us the other one had 81 million votes!
On Saturday Joe Biden traveled to Antrim County Michigan.
About 30 people turned out to see him.
President Trump traveled to Sarasota, Florida.
Over 45,000 came out to see him in a rainstorm and another 375,000
watched his live speech on RSBN Rumble.
This is incredible.

Why does Joe Biden always say he’s going to “get in trouble”?
Joe Biden on Saturday traveled to Traverse City, Michigan to promote
his gargantuan infrastructure bill that has nothing to do with
78-year-old Joe Biden looked like a frail old man as he shuffled
through the orchard.
Biden was holding notecards as he shuffled along and told Whitmer and
others he “doesn’t want to get in trouble.”
A confused Joe Biden had to rely on his notecards when asked about the
“Uh, I’ll be in better shape to talk about it…hang on a second,” Biden
said as he pulled notecards from his jacket pocket.

Notice Biden’s gait and speach… crystal clear neuro and motor degeneration...

The Leftist Fake News Media did a great job of hiding the problem
from the american public... after all, Leftists in history do whatever
it takes to scam and defraud the people into an "election" win,
but they cannot hide and cover for Joe forever.
And the blowback will be severe.

Will be very funny to see the totally incompetent Kamala and
her dysfunctional office of petty infighting wokesters take over
when Joe's brain finally and inescapeably goes fully offline.
Then the USA will experience the utter calamity of having
not just one pointless President, but two in a row.

And the people will still worship the idea that they
need the detrimental colossus of Governments.

Fools, the lot of them.

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