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>> >> Juan, you don't mean these things you say here.
>> >
>> > 	Of course I mean what I say. And I say what I mean.
>> And I'm one of the many reincarnations of hope, but that doesn't mean
>> people should ever make decisions based off of that.
> 	That sounds kinda cryptic so I guess it's aligned with the cryptographic
> principles of the list.

Well, the universe sure is cryptic.  But I am just mirroring that what
you say is hard to believe in a way that is relevant to the
conversation, assuming we are both speaking dictionary english.

>> >> You don't have to say them in this thread.
>> >
>> > 	Why would I let that sort of US govt propaganda pass? I find it
>> > especially
>> > repulsive.
>> Thanks for keeping the thread nice for the rest of the day I posted it <3
>> It's is _disgusting_ that they call it human trafficking now instead
>> of slavery,
> 	because it's not slavery nor 'human trafficking'. Like I said, 'human
> trafficking' is an euphemism/codeword/propaganda term for prostitution.

Nah, you have misinformation.  Sex work (prosititution) is selling sex
for money.  Human trafficking is selling other humans for money.  They
overlap because most slavery is for prostitution (sex work), where the
money goes to the pimp instead of the woman.  It's not true of all sex

> 	Alternatively, if the term is supposed to refer to, say, 'illegal'
> immigrants being taken advantage of, then the obvious solution is the
> abolition of state borders and the abolition of the insane idea that there's
> such a thing as 'illegal' immigration.

I've heard that immigrants will enter slavery in order to get into the
states.  I don't know a lot about it.  I can imagination abolition of
borders would reduce that, but we still have slavery for other
reasons.  I never made my trip to the desert at the southern border.

How do you feel about breaking coercive and deadly codes of totally
ridiculous silence?

>> and that makes it _obvious_ that slavers influenced them.
>> It's still pretty obvious they're resisting that.
> 	seems to me that term 'human trafficking' was based off 'drug trafficking'.
> 'Drug trafficking' is one of the main excuses for the US nazi govt to
> destroy and enslave the world like it does, when in reality 'drug
> trafficking' is a basic human right.

More than one thing is true in the universe.  Two things can be true,
next to each other.

In the USA, slavery is hated, and human trafficking is ignored. The
words are synonymous.

- the condition of being enslaved, held, or owned as human chattel or
property; bondage.
- a practice or institution that treats or recognizes some human
beings as the legal property of others.
[some synonyms listed]
human trafficking:
- the illegal practice of procuring or trading in human beings for the
purpose of prostitution, forced labor, or other forms of exploitation.
[no synonyms listed]

> 	On the other hand, if taken literally 'human trafficking' would be the
> opposite of a human right, but like I said it's just propaganda.

There is no propaganda to working in an organisation where you
actively rescue people from being confined, controlled, and abused,
interacting with these people on a regular basis.

I'm sorry you have to argue this so much.  It's nice that we're not
yelling.  This is a topic I care a lot about.  Would you rather I
consider you here a victim of human trafficking, a paid employee of a
cause, or somebody who has been very misled?

I suppose I'll consider that, until I see a paystub, it's likely
you've been illegally enslaved to post to this list against your will.

>> > 	Maybe you shouldn't be promoting the US govt on this list? And painting
>> > the
>> > US govt as being opposed to slavery, a preposterous idea.
>> There are at least two different US governments:
>> 1. the words written on paper
>> 2. the behaviors that people actually engage in
>> and they're blurry.
>> On paper, the US govt is firmly opposed to slavery.
> 	Didn't you read my previous message? The so called US constitution

ow! just trying to defend the tiny freedom avenues we have.  i don't
see the quote about the constitution in your message now.  i'll try to
find your email for what message you're talking about.

i don't see anything about a constitution in the messages i've
received from you regarding this.  maybe it was dropped somewhere.
the written laws we discuss outlaw slavery.

> 	Plus, of course, the whole notion of government and its implementation IS
> SLAVERY. Taxation being theft, for starters.

I try to get them rescuing the slaves they acknowledge as enslaved,
before I point that out to them.  It takes move through a few
different disciplines of conventional study to make a clear strong

>> Most people believe in the paper and hate the actions.
> 	Not sure what you mean. The US 'laws' are a collection of crimes against
> humanity, and are 'enforced' by the US govt and its supporters. (same is
> true for any other govt of course)

I'm just talking about helping victims of abuse.  The fact that it's
illegal makes it stronger, since laws have effect.

>> It would be ideal if we could share human trafficking rescue avenues
>> that are run by anarchists, but if I did that they would get
>> obliterated by their local government's unwritten behaviors.
> 	As I think you know the US has the highest incarceration rate on the planet
> and...then there is this
> 	oops, that looks a lot closer to actual slavery than 'human trafficking'
> eh? And who is responsible for 'penal labor'?

?? these are obviously both slavery.

Although enslavement due to trial by jury is still legal for now,
there are a lot of illegal inhuman things that happen in prisons where
people are further enslaved.

It's obvious the US government is crummy.  I think you're confusing
that with whether or not freedom is valuable to discuss, maybe because
it's hard for you to discuss freedom from ongoing slavery, itself.

>> >
>> > 	
>> > 	"received $3.5 million through competitive funding through the U.S.
>> > Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children
>> > and
>> > Families, Grant # 90ZV0134-01-00. The project will be financed with
>> > 71.87%
>> > of federal funds and 28.13% ($1.37 million) by non-governmental
>> > sources"
>> >
>> > 	of course that '28%' of 'non govt sources' comes from 'private'
>> > fascists of
>> > the bill gates-soros kind.
>> It's shitty that our avenues are the ones that are "authorised".
> 	That's not about authorisation but about getting stolen money from
> taxpayers and dollar holders (slaves) to use it to promote US govt
> propaganda.

those enslaved dollar holders often spend their money on things made
by people who actually have their physical muscle enslaved, possibly
by severe ongoing physical injury, as opposed to "just" their avenues
of choice and income.

> 	People who want to end slavery should be planning how to destroy
> government, not taking stolen money from government.

I was thinking of people actively enslaved.  Not just wanting to end it.

>> It's
>> ludicrous to ask every victim to ask for help themselves, when victims
>> are taught alternate languages where asking for help is spoken in
>> words that keep everyone enslaved.
>> I don't know this situation well enough to respect you, here, but it's
>> obvious that you're posting things that are illogical more than it is
>> worth your time to do so.  It's obvious that me, zenaan, and professor
>> rat are also doing these things.
> 	Yeah well. It's obvious to me that indeed professor rat is a govt agent and
> harkness a trumpofascist(duh). As to you, at least in this case, you are
> posting US govt propaganda as well.

All 4 of us.  And that's just 4 tips out of so many icebergs.  (this
is a united states euphemism for saying there is much much more to the

> 	I on the other hand am not posting govcorp propaganda in any shape or form.
> Au contraire, what I mostly do on this list is tear apart the propaganda
> other people post.

Eh, I don't really like bantering, but I guess we'll all be able to
describe each other accurately if we do it long enough.

>> The things we're posting help the interests of people with a lot of
>> money.
> 	How am I doing that?

You disrupt community things people say.  It's done pretty commonly.
Your work bending that towards other disruption is heartening.  It
often seems the only way we survive =/

>>Those people have probably effectively enslaved us in some
>> way.  Some of us may be viscerally and highly aware of that being the
>> case, and that set of people may not be related to the set of people
>> able to talk about it, but all of us can get government aid for being
>> abused if we demonstrate real symptoms of abuse.
> 	....


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