JIM Bell caught lying again

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Sun Aug 29 20:47:19 PDT 2021

Jim Dumb-Bell has just spent the last half-a-decade LYING-BY-OMISSION about a competitor to his pet-project.
IF he was HALF as opposed to Tyranny and HALF as much in favor of Freedom, as he claims he is, then he would have a link to STIFFS dotcom on all his propaganda. 

He's exposed himself as a carpet-bagging fraud in the horrible shitty scammers tradition of Tim May, Eric Hughes, Gilmore, Young, Wright, Assmange and so on. 

Just another Randite, Paultard, Nazi-Fag-Austro-Libertarian MORON preening, posturing and posing as a bowtie ' Natural Rights ' anarchist.
Just another slimy bore.

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