[ot][spam][wrong] karl's attempt to go outdoors or change his name

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 16:05:15 PDT 2021

It's 6:58pm and things are looking up.

[spam][tag added during editing afterwards]

I eventually ended up zoned out on my truck bed, watching iZombie for the
first time.  Awesome show I am totally the main character omg.  Except for
the young woman doctor thing.  Not a young woman doctor, myself.  And only
about half of the tv tropes seem analogously real.  I saw the show title
for a while but was scared kinda to watch it.

I think everything's about me cause I can barely think about stuff on my
own and look for ways to, and other reasons.  I was looking for something
where zombiecyborgs were just hanging out.  Brains are delicious.  They
damped down the mind control to visions, but it gave them an opportunity to
include vivid personality shifting which is cool.

Anyway that convinced my mind to relax enough that i'm feeling super
confident about being able to sleep outside tonight!
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