[ot][spam][wrong] karl's attempt to go outdoors or change his name

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 17:12:15 PDT 2021

> my tarp is full of holes.

Gave a hole-free type of cover away once,
at least 10m x 10m, said he would definitely
use it, dumbfuck and his hot wife binned it unused
without bothering to return it. Now neither of us
have cover on hand to give you or the 50 people
it could have covered from rain. It may have been too
heavy to use as parachute[s] to drop internet into Cuba,
you would have to explore cost of such rocket
motors per mass lofted, etc. The lorry took it to
the fill, so it's damaged and dirty and buried now.
But like the Bitcoin hard drive, maybe someone will
like to dig it up to recycle, sell, or museum it, or not.
That is one [ot][spam] story of covers.

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