China's fascist dictator, Xin Jinping, needs killing ( My 20 yuan )

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Aug 23 23:01:33 PDT 2021

On 8/23/21, professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:
> Democracy was on
> full display in Honkers for years with regular huge demonstrations of it in
> the streets.
> This is popular democracy any real anarchist can defend -  easily.

Wishes, indeed bleating foolish and revulsive, by the
"popular" to forcibly subjugate others, and the sheep among
themselves, to the ruthless tyranny of governments,
regardless of their form... is not anarchist, and cannot be
defended as such.

While in some tradeoffs it may be possible to wager one
govt form or more specifically one political party that
more amiable to converting to freedom, or disrupting for then
enabling freedom, against a less amiable one, in order to use
them to achieve freedom sooner (enemy of enemy is friend)...
but only provided resources spent in levering it are more fruitful
than direct use of same resources towards achieving direct
freedom. That is unanswered question as analysis of
cost and fruit in such wagers is always complex, and
as seen among governments, often fails or backfires.

Trying to wager "Democracy" against "Communism",
or vice versa, is moot and stupid, because re freedom,
they both suck, badly.

> US-led imperialism

China "Belt and Road", Sharia govt religion of Islam, etc
are all same thing as that... all are tyranny, not freedom.

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