China's fascist dictator, Xin Jinping, needs killing ( My 20 yuan )

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Mon Aug 23 22:28:14 PDT 2021

professor turd vomited :

>  Democracy 

>  democracy 

	DEMOKKKRACY!!!! Like in palestine!!!! where professor turd's jew masters run a concentration camp since they invaded PALESTINE, like they invade the rest of the world. 

	We never hear professor turd talk about demokkkracy in palestine tho...

> As for bringing down the Great Satan - US-led imperialism - well I stack my anti-US credentials 

	your anti US credentials amount to ... zero, none, nothing. On the other hand, what you constantly do on this list is suck US cock. Shocking! GO SUCK TIM COOK'S COCK PROFESSOR TURD. That's what being 'anti-US' your mind. 

ps: your iturd-iphone was built using slave labor in china. Suck tim cook's cock some more to show how much you love slavery. 

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